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The Global Economics and Evaluation of Clinical Genomics Sequencing Working Group (GEECS), founded in 2017, aims to improve the methods used for assessing the value and implementation of new genomic technologies – specifically, clinical genomics testing using next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Vision Statement

  • To facilitate effective, efficient, and equitable use of clinical genomic sequencing (CGS) on a global scale

Mission Statement

  • To conduct evidence-based research and share information to advance value and implementation of CGS


  • Visibility/Dissemination: Continue to be widely known as the experts on applying economic and similar methods to CGS.


  • Impact/Influence: Impact how evaluations of CGS are conducted and used. Ensure more evidence on CGS is generated, evaluations are of high quality, and evidence is appropriately used in decision-making.


  • Leverage: Leverage the expertise of our community of experts and share information such that the sum is greater than the parts



University of California San Francisco


Department of Clinical Pharmacy

490 Illinois Street, 3rd Floor

Box 0613

San Francisco, CA 94143




Tel: 415-502-8271

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